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The Thunder Bay Skating Academy is a not-for-profit organization and we are not subsidized by any other groups or organizations or the City of Thunder Bay.

Here is an explanation of our fees :

Ice Fee - These fees cover our ice costs and coaching fees associated with the session

Administration Fee - This covers the day to day operations of the Club. This includes human resources, website, phone, banking, office supplies, music fees, props, incentives, advertising, promotions, printing, organization insurance, etc.

For the 2019-20 season, our fundraising fee is $15. You receive a $15 Thunder Book on your first day of skating. You can either use the $15+ worth of coupons inside that support local businesses or if you choose to sell the $15 book to a friend or family member so it does not come out of your pocket.

The Skate Canada Fee is an annual fee charged to each member. Renewal happens for September 1 every year. This is the breakdown: Registrant fee - $40.00/registrant; Participant Accident Insurance Fee - $0.65/registrant+tax; and Safe Sport Fee - $3.00/registrant for a total of $43.70/participant

By joining Skate Canada, skaters join a nationwide community of 125,000 skaters, 5500 coaches, and 1100 Clubs participating in the sport of skating. Any Skate Canada member is covered for participant Accident insurance while participating in skating programs. Skate Canada is proud to lead the way in providing skaters with a safe place to train with their Safe Sport program.

Skate Canada’s mission is to be a leader in the delivery of skating programs and to have a continuing legacy of champions. In order to achieve this goal, it is critical that best in class programs are developed and executed by Skate Canada, our clubs, skating schools and coaches. This is facilitated, in part, through the collection of a fee from all those who participate. The registrant fee is shared equally between Skate Canada and Skate Ontario in carrying out our respective objectives.