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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I know what program to register for?

Keep in mind our CanSkate is suitable for all skating levels and ages. The Pre-CanSkate session is just shorter in length but offers the same programming as the regular CanSkate sessions.  Pre-CanSkate is for those participants who can only handle 30 minutes.  They are typically three (3) years old.  Most participants are best placed in CanSkate.  With each session, skaters are given a quick assessment and placed in groups based on their current skating level.  These groups are fluid and depending on the rate of progression, your participant may change groups.  

What are your fees?

For a breakdown of your fees, please click HERE

Do you allow skating aids, skate trainers, or youth skate supports on the ice?

No, it is against Skate Canada policy and it is not covered by our insurance (in case of an accident involving them).  In addition, it does not teach the skater how to balance properly on their skates.  These supports can actually hinder their progress as it will take them longer to learn how to balance properly plus it develops the bad habit of leaningn forward and breaking at the waist.  After years of research in consultation with long term athlete development (LTAD), Skate Canada has developed a program where skaters do develop from not being able to stand on skates to moving around on their own by as early as Week 4.  Please note that this differs for every child as each child develops at their own rate.  

How do I apply for PRO Kids? 

The Thunder Bay Skating Academy has a partnership with PRO Kids.  To apply, simply go to the link for application form:

Do you offer Private Lessons?

No, the Thunder Bay Skating Academy does not offer private lessons. 

CanSkate is Skate Canada's flagship learn-to-skate program. Experts in the field have prepared a program to teach skaters the fundamentals of skating.  It's tested and proven curriculum and delivery methods,  guarantee skater success in developing stronger basic skills and developing them faster. 

What does the Skate Canada Achievement Chart look like?


What skills are assessed at each level?